Luxury Confectionery

Luxury ConfectioneryLuxury Confectionery

Brand new to our confectionery counter is a new collection of luxury, indulgent sweet treats. Tangy orangettes, delectable truffles with a champagne of sloe gin filling and irresistable chocolate covered ginger pieces... Need I say more or are you ready to select your favourites?

New Collection

This exclusive collection has been inspired by exquisite scrollwork including the decorative flourishes and magnificent arabesques adorning the walls and ceilings of the outstanding State Apartments located at the three official royal residences; Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Shop this unique range for a sweet, delicious chocolate gift.

The Breakfast HamperThe Breakfast Hamper

Luxury Truffles

Packed into this collection is a whole host of new, and luxurious flavours carefully crafted in the United Kingdom. From silky, moreish champagne truffles to a perfect assortment of flavoursome Napolitains, discover your favourite fancy at our chocolate counter. Moreoever, there is a real luxury exclusive to our truffle colletion. They are wonderfully infused by our unique range of spirits, including the Palace of Holyroodhouse Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the Buckingham Palace Dry Gin and the Buckingham Palace Sloe Gin!

The Afternoon Tea HamperThe Afternoon Tea Hamper

Sustainable Gifting

Our collection of magnificent confectionery are all beautifully presented in an array of charming gift boxes and eye-catching keepsake tins. Expertly hand crafted in the United Kingdom, all the gift boxes are made using FSC material, and are therefore recycable. The inside packaging is also compostable, proving to be a sustainable gift. 
When you have eaten the last chocolate treat, what will you use the tin for? Perhaps for storing your sewing kit or growing a new plant. Share with us how you have fantastically reused your tins!

Our Gift Guide

Searching for a birthday present? New home gift? A gesture just because? Look no further than our quick gift guide to help select your favourite confectionery creation... or perhaps, a few.

Truffles! Infused with our exclusive spirits, pair our decadent truffles with a bottle from the cellars.

Creamy, crumbly and ever so moreish, devour this box of clotted cream fudge with a friend or two.

Delicately sprinkled with Cornish sea salt flakes, this lavish bar of caramel milk chocolate is perfect for a sweet tooth.

Searching for a gift for those with a sophisticated palette? Discover an array of milk chocolate treats in keepsake tins.

The Springtime HamperThe Springtime Hamper

We believe chocolate is for all times of the year. From Christmas and Easter to bringing an offering to a gathering, or perhaps a token of goodwill, there is nothing better than the gift of chocolate. Visit our chocolate counter to discover your contribution to take to a summer party, or a household treat for a winters evening or maybe as a celebratory gift for a loved ones birthday.

Our Confectionery Counter

Whether gifting for those who are close to you or treating yourself to one of your favourites, discover our exquisite and unique collection of the sweetest treats.