Caring for your Royal Collection Trust China

You’ve built up a treasured collection of fine bone china; now learn the best methods to make sure it stays beautiful for many years to come. 

Our tea sets and collectible china pieces are suitable to enjoy in an everyday setting. Whether you choose to use or display them, here are our tips on how to care for your collection.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Fine bone china is delicate and sensitive to rapid changes in temperature, so when serving tea, warm a cold cup before adding boiling water. Don’t put your china pieces in a microwave, freezer or oven, or expose them to a naked flame. 

Store safely

When you’re not using it, you’ll want to show off your collection at its best. To protect your treasures from dust and breakages, a glass fronted cabinet is a good choice.

Take care of your teacups

Don’t store cups by hanging them from the handle, as this may weaken the handle and cause breakages. We recommend storing them upright instead to keep your teacups and tankards in pristine condition.

Coat of Arms teacup and saucerCoat of Arms teacup and saucer

Stack with care

If you are storing plates and saucers together, sliding one over another can cause marks in the glaze. We recommend separating pieces using cloth or acid free tissue paper to stop any chips or scratches.

Building your cake stand

If you have purchased a cake stand, please do take care when assembling. To protect the fine bone china, the plastic washers must be inserted either side of the china when the cake stand is being assembled, and it is best to loosely put everything together before gently tightening. Once the cake stand is secured, it is ready for you to enjoy.

Coat of Arms teacup and saucerCoat of Arms teacup and saucer

Dust regularly

You should clean your collection every six months to avoid the accumulation of dust, as this can cause damage. Fine bone china is not suitable for use in dishwashers – instead, clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. 

Clean gently

You might be tempted to use a scouring pad to remove a stubborn stain, but steer clear of abrasive materials, especially on the gold decoration. It’s best to soak pieces in warm water then gently hand wash. 

Use mild cleaning products

Tea stains on your tea set after your guests have gone home? A cleanser like baby utensil sterilising solution can work well on these; just remember to wash and rinse your china thoroughly before using again. Gentle cleaning with household toothpaste can be a good way to clean away grey ‘metal marks’ caused by cutlery.

Fine Bone China Collections

Designed in house and crafted using traditional methods in Stoke-on-Trent, our china collections are inspired by original pieces belonging to the Royal Collection. Made in the UK, these individual pieces are delicately decorated and beautifully presented.