Five ways to reuse your biscuit tins


After you have enjoyed your biscuits and not even a crumb is left in the tin, what will you do with it? Our beautifully designed tins are made to be treasured. With Buckingham Palace Façade, china patterns and colourful designs, you won't want to part with them.

Our biscuit tins come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for storing sewing kits, treasured memories, freshly baked cakes or simply more biscuits! 

Five Ways to Repurpose Your Tin

1. More tea?

Our tea caddies are the perfect size and shape to hold tea bags so why not utilise them? Once you finished the box, refill the caddy with more tea and keep your kitchen counter organised.



The Breakfast HamperThe Breakfast Hamper

2. Christmas Decorations

Once the festivities are over, take extra care packing away your treasured decorations. When the time comes around to put them back up, you’ll be delighted by your neatly stored lights and decorations.

Christmas decorations in a biscuit tinChristmas decorations in a biscuit tin

3. Baking Supplies

Is your baking hobby taking up too much cupboard space? Store everything from icing to multicoloured sprinkles in your favourite tin, and simply open the lid to be inspired to start your next creative baking project.


4. Gift Wrapping

When you can find everything you need neatly stored in the same place, wrapping gifts is as pleasing as giving them.

5. Home Baking

Whether you gift them to a loved one or keep them on our coffee table for an afternoon treat, home baked treats are even more delightful when presented in a keepsake tin.