Displaying Chinaware Collections


If you’ve lovingly selected your collection of fine bone china, then you’ll want to show it off. Whether you’re artfully arranging a traditional dresser or you want to display your china on a smaller shelf space, be inspired by our tips and ideas.

Choose your display space

A traditional glass-fronted dresser is often chosen to house treasured china collections, but it’s not the only way. You can get creative and find a display which suits your home and space. A bookcase, wall-mounted shelves or a selection of plates arranged along a wall will all make beautiful features of your collection. 



The Breakfast HamperThe Breakfast Hamper

Add height

Our beautiful handmade presentation boxes are designed in hues which complement the chinaware inside, making them a pleasing way to add height to your shelf arrangement. You can also use subtle plate stands to highlight one design in full if space is tight.

Create levels

Another idea is to use simple clear glass cake stands to create levels and space, without detracting from the colours of your cherished chinaware pieces. Make sure you separate pieces using cloth or acid free tissue paper to avoid any chips or scratches.

Mix and match

You’ve taken care to collect all of your chinaware pieces, which means your collection is personal to you, so don’t be afraid to show it all together.

Add seasonal accessories

You may prefer to display your collection alone, but you can also complement it with seasonal accessories like foliage or small houseplants. For a collection of floral china, perhaps you could choose fresh flowers to complement those featured in the designs.

Artfully stack saucers

Make the most of your space by stacking plates and saucers together. If you store chinaware in this way, just make sure you separate pieces using cloth or acid free tissue paper to avoid any chips or scratches.