Royal Windsor Pink Gin


Introducing Royal Windsor Pink Gin, infused with raspberries grown at Windsor Castle and mixed with a blend of sweet and fragrant botanicals. Discover more about this unique spirit launched by Royal Collection Trust.

A Botanical Blend

Royal Windsor Pink Gin is spiced with piquant pink peppercorns and warming cassia bark, while orange peel and rose petal add a subtle sweetness. Hand-picked raspberries from the Windsor Castle Estate are then infused into the spirit, lending the gin a fruity finish and vibrant pink hue.

The Breakfast HamperThe Breakfast Hamper

Serving Suggestion

The gin pairs beautifully with ginger beer for a fiery twist on the classic Gin and Tonic. Garnished with fresh raspberries and orange peel, this rosy tipple will make the perfect accompaniment to Coronation celebrations in May. 

The Afternoon Tea HamperThe Afternoon Tea Hamper

Visit our Wine Cellar

Royal Windsor Pink Gin joins the classic Buckingham Palace Dry Gin and Buckingham Palace Sloe Gin, flavoured with hand-picked sloe berries. In our wine cellar you’ll discover a range of fine wines and spirits to treat your guests. 

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