Six Ways To Wear A Royal Brooch


Brooches have a deep history in style and use. Originally used to hold clothes together, brooches have now evolved and can be incorporated into outfits in many creative ways. Traditionally worn by women on the left hand side of their dress, explore six different trendsetting ways you can now style one of the show-stopping brooches from our collection.

Our Top Six Styles

1. Make a bold statement

Whether you are dressing for an interview or meeting a dear old friend, leave an impression by adding a bold brooch to your collar. To achieve this effortlessly chic look, select a crisp white shirt and an exquisite Vicki Sarge brooch from our jewellery collection. Designed and handcrafted in Vicki Sarge's London boutique, these brooches include hand painted crystals and vibrant colourways. The best combination.

The Breakfast HamperThe Breakfast Hamper

2. Add sparkle to your headwear

Perhaps you have chosen an elegant hat to wear to the races and a Buckingham Palace rose brooch pinned to this piece would make you stand out from the crowd? Maybe you are inspired by style icons of the past, and the addition of a sparkly brooch on a much loved autumnal beret would give your accessory a new lease of life? Or perhaps you have bought a plain, padded headband and the addition of a sparkly crown brooch could truly transform the look? Whichever option is most suited to you, browse our collection of brooches to enhance your headwear.

The Afternoon Tea HamperThe Afternoon Tea Hamper

3. Classic lapel look

Timeless. Regal. Elegant. There is not a more classic way to accessorise than an exquisite brooch on the left lapel of a coat, jacket or blazer. Inspired by the same look worn by various members of the Royal Family, select your favourite brooch from our collection to create this simple but sophisticated look.

The Springtime HamperThe Springtime Hamper

4. Pinned to the finest silk scarf

Style your accessory with the help of another magnificent accessory. The combination of a luxurious silk scarf and a statement brooch would create a stylish look for around the neck. Alternatively, dress up your handbag by tying the scarf around the strap and holding it in place with a complementing brooch. Look no further for this perfect pairing than our Coronation 100% silk scarf which features a design of meaningful oak leaves and the National Emblem flowers wonderfully matched with our Flower with Pearl Brooch.

The Confectionery HamperThe Confectionery Hamper

5. More is more!

There is no need to only choose one brooch. Create a collection of sparkling brooches on your lapel, coat or cardigan. This could be an array of different jewelled crown brooches inspired by the iconic crown motifs associated with the British Monarchy. Style a bouquet of floral brooches bursting with pastel colours and glistening crystals for an effective accessory statement. Whether your collection has a common theme or if they fabuously contrast; be bold, be brave with more than one brooch.

6. Wear it as a necklace

Perhaps there is a brooch in your jewellery box which you have not worn for a while. Experiment with an old brooch by adding it to a chain and wearing it as a necklace. Simply thread the brooch onto a chain of your choice and adjust the length to your preference. In our collection, we have added a hook to the reverse of our Swan Brooch to help you create a stylish statement.

Beautiful Brooches

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