Buckingham Palace Soap and Hand Cream Collection

The Buckingham Palace Soap and Hand Cream Collection comprises three bespoke scents, designed and blended in London. Each scent has been created to represent the deep and rich history and experiences felt on visiting Buckingham Palace. These luxury triple-milled soaps and creams have been hand crafted with the most nourishing ingredients for long lasting softness.

Pear & Orange Blossom 

Lavender & Sandalwood 

Tuberose & Tonka

Designed by Sam Jameson, manufactured by Soapsmith exclusively for Royal Collection Trust. Sam Jameson is the Founder of London based bath and body care brand Soapsmith. Royal Collection Trust have partnered with Sam and her Soapsmith team to create a bespoke range of scented soaps and hand creams, designed to capture the moments, memories and stories of Buckingham Palace.

Pear & Orange Blossom Soap

This luxury bar of soap conjures images of the Grand Staircase, vast and inviting, the use of heady citrus and sweet pear evokes the overwhelming, mesmerising moment felt on approaching the staircase. A blend of sweet Pear and flowering Orange Blossom, with notes of Cassis, Rhubarb, rich Sandalwood and delicate Hazelnut.

The Afternoon Tea HamperThe Afternoon Tea Hamper

Lavender & Sandalwood Soap

Paying homage to the glorious English countryside, dreamy notes of sweet lavender juxtaposed by earthy tones perfectly bring peace and calm to the senses. A combination of floral Lavender and rich Sandalwood, with zesty Bergamot, Jasmine, Wildflower and a hint of Vanilla and Iris.

Tuberose & Tonka Soap

This luxury bar of soap is inspired by the breath-taking Ballroom, these memorable and aged notes are reminiscent of the architectural history, magnificent dances and unforgettable grandeur of the iconic State Room. A blend of sweet Tuberose and rich Tonka beans, with hints of flowering Iris, aromatic Jasmine and luxurious Sandalwood.

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